Sunday, June 22, 2008


Three Mistakes By Leaders:Major(R)Khalid Nasr The Three Mistakes Most Leaders Make 1. Managing instead of leading:Managing has more to do with directing day-to-day tasks, whereas leading has more to do with casting a vision, goal setting, and motivation. When a leader spends more time managing than leading, morale suffers among the troops. Most people would prefer a goal to shoot for and some freedom to figure out how to reach that goal. 2. Mistaking individual loyalty for team building:We shouldn't neglect the individual relationships with those who work closely with us. We also can't miss the important steps necessary to putting those people together in team situations where they learn what it means to work together. 3. Failing to apply what motivates us:A leader may know what motivates him, but he forgets that the same things motivate those who work for him. We want our people to be competent so that everything always runs smoothly. But when we lock people into the routine of sameness, we wind up killing their motivation. When we stretch people into new areas of challenges, we know they are going to make mistakes. But when we keep them "safe," we take the motivational wind out of their sails.

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