Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Leadership Techniques :Major(R)Khaid Nasr Here are five leadership and success secrets 1.Create Passion Let your passion show. Let people know that you are excited about their accomplishments, and the passion will multiple. 2. Expect the Best Excellence Will Take Care of the Rest. Expect the best out of people, and they will rise to your standards. 3. Understand So That You Are Understood Try to understand your employees. Take the time to understand their goals, wants, needs, hobbies, etc. The more you take time to understand them, the more your employees will want to help you succeed. 4. Give of Yourself Always give his time, energy, and passion without “keeping score.” Take the time to go the extra mile to see how you can help your employees, your team, and/or your organization without “keeping score.” Your employees will feel that you care, and then they will go to a new level of caring. 5. Share the Knowledge Don’t hoard your knowledge, share it. By sharing your knowledge, you multiply yourself and become known as a developer of people. Your knowledge, once you share it, will live on after you are gone. Apply these five leadership techniques and create success in your life.

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